vietnamcompanycheck Vietnamese name CÔNG TY TNHH MTV TM DV ĐẦU TƯ XÂY DỰNG NGỌC PHÚ
Business ID/ Tax ID 0318553863
Paid-up capital
Head office 242/47/32 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Ward 03, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Date of registration 09/07/2024
Financial Statement Vietnamese accounting standards and regime
Main business lines Wholesale of materials and installation equipment for construction
Last update 09/07/2024

Registered business lines

Industry code Industry name
4322 Installation of water supply and drainage systems, heating and air conditioning systems
4329 Installation of other building installation systems
4511 Wholesale trade of motor vehicles and other motor vehicles
4512 Retail sale of passenger cars (up to 9 seats)
4513 Retail dealership of motor vehicles and other motor vehicles
4520 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and other motor vehicles
4530 Sale of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles and other motor vehicles
4541 Sale of motorcycles and scooters
4542 Maintenance and repair of motorcycles and scooters
4543 Sale of spare parts and accessories for motorcycles and scooters
4620 Wholesale of agricultural and forestry raw materials (excluding wood, bamboo, and rattan) and live animals
4631 Wholesale of rice, wheat, other cereals, and flour
4632 Wholesale of food products
4633 Wholesale of beverages
4641 Wholesale of fabrics, apparel, footwear
4649 Wholesale of other household goods
4652 Wholesale of electronic devices and components, telecommunications
4659 Wholesale of machinery, equipment, and machine parts, other
4661 Wholesale of solid fuel, liquid fuel, gas, and related products
4662 Wholesale of metals and metal ores
4663 Wholesale of materials and installation equipment for construction
4669 Wholesale of other unspecified specialized products
6619 Other financial service support activities.
7310 Advertising.
7710 Rental of motor vehicles.
4690 General retail trade
1610 Wood cutting, splitting, and planing; wood preservation
1811 Printing
1812 Related printing services
4774 Retail sale of used merchandise in specialized stores.
4782 Retail sale of textiles, ready-made garments, and footwear from mobile stalls or markets.
4784 Retail sale of other household appliances from mobile stalls or markets.
5210 Warehousing and storage of goods
5224 Cargo handling
5510 Short-stay accommodation services
5621 Provision of occasional contract catering services to customers
5629 Other food service activities
7730 Rental of machinery, equipment, and tangible goods (without operators).
7820 Temporary labor supply.
7990 Reservation Services and Related Support Services for Promotion and Organization of Tours
8130 Landscape Care and Maintenance Services
3320 Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
4101 Construction of residential buildings
4102 Construction of non-residential buildings
4212 Construction of road works
4221 Construction of electrical works
4222 Construction of water supply and drainage works
4223 Construction of telecommunication and information works
4291 Construction of hydraulic works
4292 Construction of mining works
4293 Construction of processing and manufacturing works
4299 Construction of other civil engineering works
4311 Demolition
4312 Site preparation
4321 Installation of electrical systems
4741 Retail sale of computers, peripheral equipment, software, and telecommunications devices in specialized stores
4742 Retail sale of audio and video equipment in specialized stores
4751 Retail sale of fabrics, wool, yarn, sewing thread, and other textile products in specialized stores
4752 Retail sale of locks, paints, glass, and other construction installation materials in specialized stores
4759 Retail sale of household electrical appliances, beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, similar furniture, lamps, and lighting equipment, and other household items not elsewhere classified in specialized stores
4763 Retail sale of sports equipment and accessories in specialized stores
4771 Retail sale of clothing, footwear, leather and imitation leather goods in specialized stores
4772 Retail sale of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, and toiletries in specialized stores
4773 Retail sale of other new goods in specialized stores