vietnamcompanycheck 0700878287 - MUC DONG DAIRY JOINT STOCK COMPANY

vietnamcompanycheck Vietnamese name CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN SỮA MỤC ĐỒNG
Business ID/ Tax ID 0700878287
Paid-up capital
Head office No. 54, Le Quy Don Street, Hoa Mac Ward, Duy Tien Town, Ha Nam
Date of registration 11/01/2024
Operating status Active (Issued with certification)
Financial Statement Vietnamese accounting standards and regime
Last update 02/05/2024

Registered business lines

Industry code Industry name
4610 Agents, brokers, and auctioneers of goods
4620 Wholesale of agricultural and forestry raw materials (excluding wood, bamboo, and rattan) and live animals
4631 Wholesale of rice, wheat, other cereals, and flour
4632 Wholesale of food products
4633 Wholesale of beverages
4649 Wholesale of other household goods
4669 Wholesale of other unspecified specialized products
0111 Rice Cultivation
0112 Corn and Other Cereal Crop Cultivation
0113 Starchy Root Crop Cultivation
0114 Sugarcane Cultivation
0116 Fiber Crop Cultivation
0117 Oilseed Crop Cultivation
0118 Vegetable, Legume, and Flower Cultivation
0119 Other Annual Crop Cultivation
0121 Fruit Tree Cultivation
0122 Oil-Bearing Fruit Cultivation
0123 Cashew Cultivation
0124 Pepper Cultivation
0125 Rubber Cultivation
1050 Milk processing and dairy product manufacturing
1061 Grinding and milling operations and production of crude flour
1062 Production of starch and starch-based products
1071 Production of baked goods
1072 Sugar production
1073 Cocoa, chocolate, and confectionery production
1074 Production of pasta, noodles, and similar products
1075 Production of prepared meals and processed food
1079 Production of other unclassified food products
4781 Retail sale of food, beverages, tobacco, and betel nut from mobile stalls or markets.
0126 Coffee Cultivation
0127 Tea Cultivation
0128 Perennial Spice, Medicinal Plant, and Aromatic Plant Cultivation
0129 Other Perennial Crop Cultivation
0131 Annual Seedling and Agricultural Germplasm Care
0132 Perennial Seedling and Agricultural Germplasm Care
0141 Buffalo and Cattle Farming and Breeding
0142 Horse, Donkey, and Mule Farming and Breeding
0144 Goat, Sheep, and Deer Farming and Breeding
0145 Pig Farming and Breeding
0146 Poultry Farming
0149 Other Livestock Farming
0150 Mixed Crop and Livestock Farming
0161 Crop Farming Service Activities
0162 Livestock Farming Service Activities
0163 Post-Harvest Service Activities
0164 Seed Processing for Propagation
0321 Mariculture
0322 Inland Aquatic Animal Farming
8299 Other Unclassified Business Support Activities
4690 General retail trade
4711 Retail trade in groceries, food, beverages, cigarettes, and cigars in general merchandise stores
4719 Other retail trade in general merchandise stores
4721 Retail trade in groceries in specialized stores
4722 Retail trade in food in specialized stores
4723 Retail sale of beverages in specialized stores
1010 Meat processing and preservation
1020 Processing and preservation of seafood and seafood products
1030 Processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables
1040 Production of animal and vegetable oils and fats
4773 Retail sale of other new goods in specialized stores