vietnamcompanycheck 3703210119 - HONG ZHENG COMPANY LIMITED

vietnamcompanycheck Vietnamese name CÔNG TY TNHH HONG ZHENG
Business ID/ Tax ID 3703210119
Paid-up capital
Head office No. 137 DT-747 Street, Quarter 3, Hoi Nghia Ward, Tan Uyen City, Binh Duong Province
Date of registration 14/05/2024
Operating status Active
Financial Statement Vietnamese accounting standards and regime
Main business lines Manufacture of other wood products; production of products from straw, reed, and braided materials

- Manufacture of various wood products, manufacture of products from bamboo, straw, thatch and plaiting materials.
- Producing other products from wood
- - Production of various wood products, specifically:
- + Handles, tool handles, broom handles, brush handles,
- + Shoe or boot molds and barrels, coat hangers,
- + Wooden household appliances and kitchen utensils,
- + Wooden statues and decorations, mosaics, wooden pattern stations,
- Small boxes and caskets containing precious jewelry and similar wooden items,
- + Tools such as thread spools, bobbins, bobbins, thread winders, threading machines and similar articles of wooden reels,
- + Other wooden items.
- - Production of firewood from pressed wood or alternative materials such as coffee grounds or soybeans;
- - Production of wooden mirror frames and picture frames;
- - Producing oil painting frames for artists;
- - Production of wooden shoe parts (such as shoe heels and shoe cores);
- - Production of umbrella handles, walking sticks and similar articles;
- - Production of parts used in the production of tobacco pipes;
- - Wooden carvings.
- Manufacture of products from forest products (except wood), rush and plaiting materials
- - Processing natural wicks and products from pressed wicks;
- Production of products from natural or pressed wick, including floor coverings;
- - Production of twine, plaiting products such as doormats, mats, crates, boxes and shields;
- - Production of wicker baskets and wicker items.
- - Producing souvenirs such as paintings, ashtrays, flowers... made of bamboo.
Last update 14/05/2024

Registered business lines

Industry code Industry name
4649 Wholesale of other household goods
4659 Wholesale of machinery, equipment, and machine parts, other
4663 Wholesale of materials and installation equipment for construction
8299 Other Unclassified Business Support Activities
1610 Wood cutting, splitting, and planing; wood preservation
1621 Manufacture of plywood, laminated wood, particleboard, and other wood-based panels
1622 Manufacture of wooden construction products
1623 Manufacture of wooden packaging
1629 Manufacture of other wood products; production of products from straw, reed, and braided materials
3100 Manufacture of beds, cabinets, tables and chairs